Ztista chair by Victoria Yakusha for Faina

VDF products fair: The Ztista chair that designer Victoriya Yakusha has created for design brand Faina takes cues from the organic materiality of traditional Ukrainian huts.

Yakusha, who hails from Ukraine, designed ZTISTA using clay, wood chips, straw, linen and recycled paper.

These materials have been roughly applied by hand across the chair’s powder-coated steel frame, leaving behind a bumpy surface texture that’s meant to reflect the charm of natural imperfection.

Irregularly-shaped holes are also punctuated in the backrest.

The chair has been designed so that it, if necessary, it can be disposed of sustainably – the steel frame can be recycled, while the remaining materials can be ground up and left to decompose in wet soil. According to the designer, the total process can take between three and seven years.

“I always try to make long-living furniture, which one day may be inherited by our kids,” Yakusha said. “From the other side, I am interested in life-after-use of my design objects. What will happen to the chair in 50-100 years?”

Product: ZTISTA chair
Brand: Faina
Designer: Victoriya Yakusha
Contact address:

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