Vello Bike+ by Valentin Vodev for Vello

VDF products fair: Product designer Valentin Vodev has developed a foldable electric bike for Vello that charges as it travels.

Named Vello Bike+, the product was developed by Vodev for Vello’s range of lightweight bikes that are aimed specifically at city dwellers with a “fast-paced lifestyle”.

The e-bike self-charges as it moves by converting kinetic energy generated by the cyclist into electricity, which can be used to help the user accelerate quickly or to assist them cycling uphill.

Vello Bike+ also features a magnetic folding mechanism that allows it to be transformed into a compact size in five seconds. According to Vello, this makes it “the first bike to combine electric, self-charging and folding features”.

“Vello Bike+ is the lightest and most compact electric folding bike in its class,” said the brand. “It is built for people with a fast-paced lifestyle who do not want to be slowed down by the restrictions of a conventional bicycle.”

Product: Vello Bike+
Brand: Vello
Designer: Valentin Vodev
Contact address:

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