T1.3 Wood by Teckell is a pool table made from crystal and walnut wood

VDF products fair: Italian brand Teckell has created T1.3 Wood, a traditional pool table with the “contemporary twist” of crystal legs.

Teckell has combined Canaletto walnut wood accents and worsted wool playing surfaces with angled crystal legs and a playing field made of tempered glass.

“Featuring traditional style with a contemporary twist, the T1.3 Teckell is the perfect choice for a traditional game room with a modern flair,” said Teckell.

“Behind every table is the work of an Italian traditional carpentry workshop that also embraces 21st-century technologies. Artisans work with age-old precious woods as well as today’s cutting-edge materials,” added the brand.

“Old and new come together to give a fresh spin to each long-lasting, eco-friendly table.”

Product: T1.3 Wood
Brand: Teckell
Contact address:

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