Stem Series by Bocci

VDF products fair: Customisable floor lamps and ceiling lights make up the Stem Series lighting collection by Canadian design company Bocci.

The Stem Series lights are available in three styles, which are each distinguished by black or brass poles adorned with clusters of Bocci’s sculptural glass shades from its collections of pendant lights.

Suspended Stem is the collection’s ceiling light, which is available in several different lengths and can be fitted with a varying number of glass pendants.

The floor fixtures, named Floor Stem, are mounted on brass bases and can be finished with a choice of three glass shade configurations. They have rigid power cords made from black fabric.

Similarly, the Column Stem floor lights have a brass base and fabric power cords, but they are taller in height to evoke pillars that extend from floor to ceiling.

Column Stem is available in several different sizes with two different pendant arrangements and can also be installed vertically or at an angle using discreet wall and ceiling fastenings.

Each fixture features an integrated dimming system. The available glass pendants for the series are named 28, 57, 73, 84 and 38v.

Product: Stem Series
Brand: Bocci
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