Rugs by Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen

VDF products fair: Danish designer Cecilie Manz has created four rug designs for Danish brand Fritz Hansen.

Made in collaboration with Milan rugmaker CC-tapis, the rugs are hand-tufted in India and coloured using acid-free dye.

The rugs are made of 100 per cent wool and have tufts of varying heights, giving the products a tactile three-dimensional effect.

“It was important to me that the rugs could go with Fritz Hansen’s more classic pieces as well as the contemporary collection,” said Manz.

“The large, calm carpet in colourless tones creates a quiet space together with a couple of poufs or an iconic chair. The small carpets with intense colour do well alone, like a colour spill on the floor.”

Manz designed the rugs as if she were preparing a composition to paint on canvas, preparing paper collages to help finalise the chosen designs.

“I love working with colours,” said Manz. “It feels almost healthy because it’s connected to joy. Nevertheless, I often end up using hues of greys and very down-toned nuances you would find in nature during autumn/winter, or at sea.”

“But living only in pale tones would be horrible to me,” she added. You need some stronger tones here and there. With these rugs, the woollen textile material is perfect for deep, intense colour tones. It has depth and rich variation to it.”

Product: Rugs by Cecilie Manz
Brand: Fritz Hansen
Designer: Cecilie Manz
Contact address:

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