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Peter Saville and Fergadelic design stickers to support the NHS

Artists including Peter Saville and Fergadelic have contributed to the Stick Together sticker collection that is being sold to support the NHS, plus today’s other design-related coronavirus news.

The collection of 10 stickers, called Stick Together, was organised by curator Francesca Gavin and founder of Sticker Archive website Alex Powis to raise funds for the NHS.

Peter Saville and Fergadelic design Stick Together stickers to support the NHS

Each of the stickers was created by an artist to show support for the NHS, with graphic designer Adam Tickle creating a sticker that says Stick Together for the NHS to represent the series.

“Stickers can act as a badge – a powerful symbol of support for a cause that you believe in,” said Powis.

“We wanted to take this and put it to good use for the NHS as they fight Covid-19 for all of us, raising vital money and showing our appreciation at the same time.”

Peter Saville and Fergadelic design Stick Together stickers to support the NHS

Several of the designs incorporate NHS blue, including British graphic designer Peter Saville’s contribution, which is a reworking of his seminal cover for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album.

Digital radio station NTS and fashion magazine i-D have both reworked their logos in the colour.

Peter Saville and Fergadelic design Stick Together stickers to support the NHS

Graphic artist Fergus Purcell, who is known as Fergadelic and designed the iconic logo for Palace Skateboards, designed a web with the words “tattoo everything” for the collection.

The other contributors to Stick Together are Aries Arise, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, Fiona Banner, Lakwena and Linder Sterling.

The packs of stickers are available on the Sticker Archive website, with all profits being donated to NHS Charities Together.

“Covid-19 is bringing the NHS to its knees, and we wanted to do something,” said Francesca Gavin. “The stickers are an accessible and affordable way to show support. We chose these artists and brands because they are pioneers of independent creative expression – something that feels incredibly vital at this moment.”

Here are six more coronavirus-related architecture and design news stories from today:

Coronavirus daily briefing

McDonald’s trials social-distancing restaurant

Fast food chain McDonald’s has trialled a social-distancing restaurant in the city of Arnhem, the Netherlands. The restaurant had a hand sanitiser stand at its entrance, designated waiting spots and food that was delivered on trollies (via Reuters).

llustrator Anna Gibb draws Isolation Escapes architecture montage

British architect and illustrator Anna Gibb has combined buildings by architects including Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe to create an architectural montage of places people would like to be quarantined in during the coronavirus pandemic (via Dezeen).

London’s BDP-design Nightingale hospital being wound down

The Nightingale hospital, which was designed by BDP and built in less than two weeks in London’s Excel centre, is set to close after receiving no new patients this week (via Independent).

Plastique Fantastique makes iSphere mask informed by 1950s sci-fi comics

Berlin-based art collective Plastique Fantastique has created an open-source, retro-futuristic face shield shaped like a fish bowl to protect wearers against coronavirus (via Dezeen).

Artist Gareth Fuller creates humorous Quarantine Pandemic Survival Map

Beijing-based artist Gareth Fuller has drawn a humous illustrated map of tips on how to survive self isolation during the pandemic (via Guardian).

Inaugural Helsinki art biennial delayed until 2021

Helsinki Biennial 2020, which was set to take place in June, has been postponed until 2021 due to the pandemic. “We believe this is the most responsible option when considering both our local citizens and international guests,” said Helsinki mayor Jan Vapaavuori (via Helsinki Biennial 2020).

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