Paradise pattern features in Superflower’s Florescence wallpaper collection

VDF products fair: Paradise is one of the bright floral patterns launched by New York design studio Superflower as part of its Florescence wallpaper collection.

Paradise is one of the nine flower-filled patterns available in the wallpaper collection. It comes in nine colour combinations.

“All of the pattern designs begin with photographs of live flowers, which are then composited into what we call Superflowers,” said Superflower founders Andrew Zuckerman and Nicole Bergen.

“These arrangements are explorations of fantastical floral forms presented in hyperreal clarity,” they added. “Layering and juxtaposing the papers creates surprising harmony that activates space as one moves through it. The unique chromatic range is drawn directly from primary natural sources.”

Product: Paradise
Collection: Florescence
Brand: Superflower
Contact address:

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