Mass Dining Table by Tom Dixon

VDF products fair: Tom Dixon has used gold-hued brass to create the Mass Dining Table, which resembles “a monumental and heavyweight sculpture”.

The Mass Dining Table is sculpted entirely from a single extruded box section of brass, which has been highly polished for an opulent finish.

It is designed by Tom Dixon with a deliberately simple form composed of a series of brass units that resemble planks – the most familiar unit in furniture construction.

According to the brand, the ambition is to transform the domestic archetype into monumental heavyweight sculpture.

“We wanted to create something super-basic in terms of construction so that it’s very reduced, minimal and logical,” explained the brand’s founder, Tom Dixon.

“Yet simultaneously it’s the opposite in aesthetics, in that it is extremely precious and desirable.”

The table is the latest evolution of Tom Dixon’s Mass collection, which features chunky furniture made from mango wood and clad with brass foil.

It will eventually be available as a made-to-measure construction set to allow buyers to self-build.

Product: Mass Dining Table
Brand: Tom Dixon
Contact address:

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