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Lily Compact chair by Michael Sodeau for Modus

VDF products fair: designer Michael Sodeau’s Lily Compact chair for British furniture brand Modus is inspired by the shape of a calla lily.

The chair by the British designer has a curving foam shell that dips at the centre to resemble the head of the flower, which is native to southern Africa.

The product comes in a range of colours from a deep, aubergine-purple to mustard yellow and comes in a version with four tubular steel legs or a single-column swivel base.

Intended to be a more compact version of Sodeau’s original Lily chair, this model has a replaceable cover.

“Lily Compact takes inspiration from the pure simplicity of the calla lily plant,” said Modus. “Lily Compact follows on from Michael’s original Lily chair but is specifically designed to be more compact, lightweight and sustainable.”

“With its clever removable zip cover, Lily Compact can be easily reupholstered with a replacement cover, which simply slides over the moulded foam shell.”

The Lily Compact is also available as a sofa.

Product: Lily Compact chair
Brand: Modus
Designer: Michael Sodeau
Contact address: sales@modusfurniture.co.uk

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email vdf@dezeen.com.

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