L03 bench by Eva Natasa

VDF products fair: L03 is a minimal wooden bench designed by Eva Natasa, intended to “ignite more social interaction among people”.

The L03 bench has a pared-back form characterised by pointed legs and was built using teak wood and brass screws.

Described by the brand as “non-disruptive and elegant”, its form is intended to retain focus on the natural details within the timber.

The design for L03 was inspired by a bench used by a street-food vendor local to the brand’s studio in Bali, and is intended to encourage people to sit, speak and engage with others.

“For L03 bench, Eva Natasa took the inspiration from the long bench commonly used at the local street food vendors’ lively setting,” explained the Indonesian brand.

“The simple-looking, non-disruptive and elegant bench aims to ignite more social interaction among people and encourage togetherness, allowing the exchange of thoughts and knowledge to happen around the table.”

L03 forms a part of the Eva Natasa’s Lula range that is designed to be sustainable and long-lasting. The entire collection is made from teak wood, chosen for its durability and natural oils that make it resistant to pests.

Product: L03
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