L02 stool by Eva Natasa

VDF products fair: L02 is a wooden stool designed by Eva Natasa for use as either a seat or side table in any domestic space.

L02 has a deliberately simple form to ensure its flexibility, while also retaining focus on the details of the teak wood from which it is made.

Teak wood was chosen for its durability and the presence of natural oils that makes it resistant to termites and negates the need for varnish.

The L02 stool is available in two different heights, and can also be finished with coloured paints that range from white to a dark dusky green. Each piece is fastened with flush brass screws.

“L02 stool was designed with a meticulous and detailed design process to create a well-balanced seating and side table typology that could be used in various ways around the house,” said the brand.

The stool was the first furniture piece designed as part of the brand’s Lula range, which is intended to be sustainable and long-lasting.

“The use of the traditional woodworking techniques combined with precision technology and tools aims to deliver long-lasting furniture for contemporary living environments.”

Product: L02
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