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Kovalska office in Kyiv is decked out with humble establishing provides

Creative duo Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina used concrete slabs, sand and paving stones to type the furnishings and partition partitions inside this office in Kyiv.

Designed for a Ukrainian developer and establishing provides agency referred to as Kovalska, the 1,120-square-metre office is unfold all through two flooring of a Soviet-era manufacturing facility inside the industrial district of Obolon.

The lower flooring is dedicated to product sales and contains a reception area, product library, small office and kitchen, whereas the upper flooring properties private locations of labor and meeting rooms for the company’s internal departments.

Kovalska office designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

Native architect Artem Trigubchak labored alongside inside designer Lera Brumina to create a up to date inside that revered the establishing’s present concrete shell.

The pair moreover outlined that the monumental mosaic panel that choices on the manufacturing facility’s facade, along with the huge proportions of the establishing, served as a giant provide of inspiration for the enterprise.

Kovalska office designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

“We’re endlessly impressed and love the construction of the Soviet interval, and we really wished to create a comfy working home with out violating the architectural context,” they outlined.

“Working with the provides which were on the market to us for this enterprise, we tried to connect all the colours in a harmonious story with the earlier facade of the establishing, which is embellished with mosaics.”

Kovalska office designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

As an important producer of establishing provides in Ukraine, quite a few Kovalska’s private provides and merchandise are built-in into the office’s inside.

These embody the hole-punctured concrete slabs that make up a partition inside the reception prepared area and the paving stones which have been used to make the underside of a bench seat and desk.

The burgundy-coloured terrazzo tiles used all via the lower flooring have been moreover developed by the company notably for this enterprise.

Kovalska office designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

On the upper flooring, sky-blue linoleum covers the bottom in its place. A mix of marble chips sand has then been used to create a textured ground finish on plenty of the partitions.

Rooms all through every flooring are moreover divided by reeded glass partitions that stretch all one of the simplest ways as a lot because the ceiling. These allow daylight to filter into all areas of the home and create a method of openness.

Kovalska office designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

Lots of the objects of furnishings, along with the lighting system, are bespoke and have been designed by Trigubchak and Brumina themselves.

For instance, a sequence of tables with MDF counter tops and chunky cylindrical bases have been made for the meeting rooms and the kitchen. A number of of the tables are forest inexperienced or cobalt blue, whereas others are cherry crimson.

Kovalska office designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

The lighting system that runs all through the ceiling of the reception area and product sales office consists of rows of monumental spherical lamps.

Trigubchak and Brumina notably designed it to mimic the lighting affiliation inside the newspaper office featured in director David Fincher’s mystery-thriller film, Zodiac.

“[The lights] shine with very warmth refined delicate, making a distinction with the restrained and strict shades and provides,” Brumina added.

Kovalska office designed by Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina

This marks the second time that Artem Trigubchak and Lera Brumina have labored collectively – once more in 2018, the two designed sugary pink interiors for a restaurant and bakery inside the Ukrainian metropolis of Odessa.

Their Kovalska office isn’t the one interiors enterprise to inventively mix client merchandise. In Tawain, Waterform Design created a workspace for a gasoline provider using reclaimed gasoline cylinders from the company’s manufacturing facility to make desk legs and plant pots.

Footage is by Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov.

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