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Geberit releases Sigma actuator plates with new finishes

VDF products fair: Swiss brand Geberit has launched three new material finishes for its Sigma50 and Sigma21 flush plates to suit a range of bathroom interiors.

The new collection of material finishes for the actuator plates, which are also called flush plates and are used to control concealed toilet cisterns, are metallic and include red gold, brass and black chrome.

These material finishes join the Swiss manufacturing company’s existing range of more “earthy” finishes for the Sigma50 and Sigma21 flush plates, which include walnut, slate and concrete.

Users can select one material to cover the entire fixture or combine two different finishes for use on the plate and its flush buttons. Geberit’s intention is to offer a broader range of material finishes to suit any style of bathroom.

“Geberit is offering a new range of high-quality materials for the popular actuator plate Sigma50 and recently launched Signma21, meaning a wealth of possibilities for the look of the plates and buttons,” said the brand.

“With versions in concrete, slate and walnut, the range of new plate materials cover all the bases.”

Each metallic surface is complete with a glass-ceramic coating to protect them from damage.

Product: Sigma50 and Sigma21 Actuator Plates
Brand: Geberit
Contact address: bettina.starck@geberit.com

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