Fritz Hansen rereleases Vico Duo chair by Vico Magistretti

VDF products fair: design brand Fritz Hansen has reissued its stacking Vico Duo chair to celebrate 100 years since the birth of its designer Vico Magistretti.

The Vico Duo anniversary edition introduces pads to the armrests for comfort and a black powder-coated base, which is intended to offer a more contemporary finish.

The chair was designed by the late Italian designer and architect Magistretti in 1997 and is celebrated for its deliberately simple, stackable form.

One of the chair’s most distinctive characteristics is its backward armrests, which are detached from the backrest and made from the same single piece of steel as the chair’s rear legs.

“This chair was, from the beginning, a true collaboration between Fritz Hansen and Vico Magistretti,” said Christian Andresen, Fritz Hansen’s head of design.

“By 1997, Magistretti was confident and relaxed in his practice and career. The design has a kind of simple ease and strength that reflects that.”

To mark the rerelease of the chair, Virtual Design Festival teamed up with Fritz Hansen to host a talk between Andresen and Dezeen’s founder Marcus Fairs about the legacy of Magistretti. You can watch the conversation below.

Product: Vico Duo
Brand: Fritz Hansen
Designer: Vico Magistretti
Contact address:

Video: 100 years of Vico Magistretti

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