Cristallino by Teckell is an outdoor foosball table made from crystal

VDF products fair: Italian design brand Teckell has created an outdoor foosball table made from crystal and chrome.

Teckell’s Cristallino foosball table features a playing field formed of white Corian and teams of players coated in black or white epoxy.

Weather-proof steel is used for the telescopic bars, and chromes brass features on the feet, handles and joints of the outdoor foosball game. Adjustable feet allow the game to go ahead even on uneven surfaces.

“Calcio Balilla – foosball – is a portrait of Italian memories,” said Teckell. “Its concept takes shape in sport bars where soccer fans used to meet to celebrate their local team’s victories on the field.”

“This beloved game of the people has been transformed into a luxury item without losing its pure essence, being reinvented by Teckell as a coveted work of Italian art. Luxury is a game to play, no matter where.”

Product: Teckell Cristallino
Brand: Teckell
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