Armature lighting by Bocci

VDF products fair: Armature is a contemporary chandelier by Canadian design company Bocci that comprises matte black branches and blown-glass shades.

The Armature chandelier’s black arms are modular, designed by Bocci to be easily connected and arranged in several different configurations.

Each fixture can also be differentiated by its sculptural glass shade, which contains the LED bulbs. These are available in three different styles, named 16, 28 or 38V, after the Bocci pendant lights they are drawn from.

The 28 Armature pendants, photographed above, are distorted spheres made from blown glass and incorporate diffusers made from milk glass. They are available in 90 different colours.

38V Armature pendants are also spherical and made from blown glass, but they are smaller in size and punctured by “haphazard interior cavities” that can be filled with air plants.

In contrast, the 16 Armature pendants are flat, composed of horizontal layers of glass. These are available in four colours.

Product: Armature
Brand: Bocci
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