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Bob Bernstein was getting irritated collectively together with his son. It was the mid-1970s, and Bernstein, an selling authorities based totally in Kansas Metropolis, watched as 10-year-old Steve utilized the equivalent ritualistic methodology to his breakfast. Each morning, Steve would pour himself a bowl of cereal then sit on the desk staring on the cereal discipline. He be taught the doorway, the once more, and the sides, many times.

When his father requested him about this seemingly peculiar routine, Steve outlined that “It’s merely one factor to do.”

Bernstein realized Steve was no outlier. Not like adults, preferring to socialize and chat, children appreciated one factor whereas they ate. He saved this lesson in ideas when McDonald’s tasked him with rising a child-friendly meal package deal deal that may hopefully entice youthful consumers into consuming on the restaurant further usually.

By 1979, Bernstein’s Blissful Meal was being rolled out nationally, and would go to grow to be an indelible part of the short meals franchise’s enterprise model. Tucked proper right into a cardboard discipline crammed with illustrations, video video games, and puzzles was a complete meal, plus a toy.

Nevertheless Bernstein’s declare of sole Blissful Meal authorship has been hotly debated over the various years. In reality, no fewer than four entities, along with one Guatemalan franchisee and one pioneering burger joint, have made a convincing argument that they, not Bernstein, have been accountable for this contribution to straightforward and gastronomic custom.


Throughout the early 1970s, McDonald’s didn’t have an organized outreach program for promoting to youngsters. Whereas the fictional McDonaldland and characters like Mayor McCheese and Grimace appeared in commercials, the exact menu wasn’t notably kid-friendly. Mom and father and employees have been to pressured to have a look at helplessly as youthful shoppers gave slapdash orders, cobbling collectively a meal from the menu. It exasperated adults, who wished to get in and out further shortly, along with restaurant franchisees, who felt the company might presumably be doing further to attract children.

The company requested Cleveland, Ohio, selling educated Joe Johnston to evaluation the difficulty; he acquired right here up with the considered a sack that had actions on the packaging. Nevertheless a good greater have an effect on for McDonald’s was actually one in every of their largest fast-food opponents, Burger Chef. In 1973, the burger chain launched its Satisfying Meal, a cardboard discipline with video video games, riddles, and comic strips that housed a burger, fries, a sugary cope with, and a soda. There was moreover usually a toy or small vinyl file inside. In 1978, Burger Chef had even scored huge with a license for a Star Wars Satisfying Meal, most likely the first occasion of a severe movie tie-in with a fast meals little one’s merchandise.

The Satisfying Meal positively pre-dates Bernstein’s assertion that he acquired right here up with the Blissful Meal in 1975 or 1976, which was when he had been assigned the responsibility by McDonald’s St. Louis regional selling supervisor Dick Brams. In reality, Paul Schrage, the senior vice chairman of McDonald’s, was aware of the Satisfying Meal and so was Brams. It was Brams who directed Bernstein to offer you a method for McDonald’s to produce a menu risk just for children.

Whether or not or not Bernstein knew regarding the Satisfying Meal or simply used his son’s cereal discipline habits to inform his selections is unclear: In 2019, Bernstein knowledgeable the Chicago Tribune that he had already been engaged on a design for a kid-friendly menu merchandise when Brams contacted him. What we do know is that Bernstein developed a pre-sorted little one’s meal that was served in a cardboard discipline that features puzzles, jokes, and video video games. (Bernstein trademarked the Blissful Meal title, though he later transferred it to McDonald’s for $1.)

After two years of market testing in cities like Kansas Metropolis, Phoenix, and Denver in 1977 and 1978, McDonald’s launched the Blissful Meal to the rest of America in 1979. Each discipline, which had a circus wagon theme, acquired right here with a hamburger or cheeseburger, fries, cookies, and a easy drink. Contained within the $1.15 discipline was a “specific prize” that was actually one in every of a variety of novelty devices. Kids may uncover a McDoodler stencil, a McWrist pockets, an ID bracelet, a puzzle lock, a spinning excessive, or a McDonaldland character eraser. Later that 12 months, the company entered into its first Blissful Meal licensing settlement, issuing a Blissful Meal tie-in for the discharge of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Blissful Meals have been a perpetual presence at McDonald’s ever since.

To Bernstein’s chagrin, Brams’s demise in 1988 launched with it tales that Brams was the “father” of the Blissful Meal. In reality, Bernstein had been given a bronze Blissful Meal in acknowledgment of his efforts the sooner 12 months. He gently disputed the declare, saying that Brams turned involved with the Blissful Meal solely after it had been conceptualized. Truly, the two might need differing viewpoints on how loads each dropped on the mission of creating a promoting approach for teens.

Nevertheless any combination of Brams and Bernstein leaves out one important contribution inside the Blissful Meal timeline: the work of Yolanda Fernandez de Cofiño, a onetime Guatemalan McDonald’s operator and now president of McDonald’s Guatemala, and the individual McDonald’s credit score for being the originator of the Blissful Meal.


Yolanda’s husband, José María Cofiño, primarily based the first McDonald’s in Guatemala in 1974. Yolanda seen that shoppers, notably youthful ones, didn’t have a full understanding of how McDonald’s labeled their meals. A toddler could order a Huge Mac not realizing it was a substantial burger.

To unravel the difficulty, Yolanda created Ronald’s Menu in 1977. It was a method of designating a pleasurable meals order for children and consisted of a burger, fries, soda, and a sundae. Yolanda added a toy or novelty merchandise that she had purchased at a neighborhood market. Nonetheless, Yolanda’s thought didn’t embrace an illustrated discipline; Ronald’s Menu was served on a tray.

Yolanda claimed she launched the considered the kid’s menu all through a McDonald’s promoting conference in Chicago in 1977, the equivalent 12 months the company began market-testing Bernstein’s Blissful Meal in select cities. In 1982, the company gave her a silver Ronald McDonald statue for rising the Blissful Meal along with elevating the mannequin’s profile amongst youngsters.

It seems as if McDonald’s was confronted with a key disadvantage—promoting to children—and that a variety of people had a similar methodology as to how most interesting to cope with it. Whereas Yolanda conceived of offering a toy with a meal, it was Bernstein who was conceptualized the McDonald’s Blissful Meal packaging, and it was Brams who stayed busy securing toy provides for the Blissful Meal inside the years to come back again.

Naturally, Burger Chef had a particular interpretation. In 1979, shortly sooner than the Blissful Meal was scheduled to roll out nationally, the company sued McDonald’s for $5.5 million for infringing on their Satisfying Meal thought. The lawsuit fizzled out, nonetheless, and the ailing Burger Chef franchise was finally absorbed by Hardee’s in 1982.

By 2017, McDonald’s was selling a median of three.2 million Blissful Meals day by day, which have been stuffed by the years with each half from Transformers to Teenie Beanie Infants, which have been greeted with extreme consumer demand in 1996. Collectors covet genuine Blissful Meal toys and notably the containers, which have been usually thrown away and consequently turned helpful when found intact.

Who was accountable for these containers? Historic previous has a variety of options. In all likelihood, McDonald’s took discover of Burger Chef’s Satisfying Meal and wished to create one factor associated. Bernstein shaped that notion into the Blissful Meal throughout the same time Yolanda was offering a price menu option to children. Like McDonald’s itself, which was opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald nonetheless dropped at new heights by Ray Kroc, everyone had one factor to contribute.

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