9 Cool Traveling Family Instagrams You Should Be Following

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For most families, the term “family travel” means taking a day trip to a fun museum, visiting out of state family for the holidays, or making the yearly trek to Disney World. For other families, it means something entirely different. Tiny backpackers, nomadic parents, families that have completely uprooted their more traditional lives in order to see the world. With one or a few tiny tots in tow, tons of families all over the world have completely turned traveling into an entire lifestyle. From homeschooling out of hotels to spending their days playing around in and dunes, traveling as a family isn’t always easy but the adventure seems more than worth it.

Some of the families on this list use travel as a fun addition to their already adventurous lives while others have taken it to an entirely new level. Whether they’re traipsing along the French countryside or enjoying the spoils of a trip to one of the world’s most famous amusement parks, these fun families never fail to be inspiring.

1. wereoutofhere

This adorable family of four has made the brave decision to sell almost all of their worldly possessions in order to travel the world freely. With their two little ones, these parents globetrot from beautiful beach fronts to bustling cities, teaching their children about culture and history while also enjoying some pretty amazing food and wine at the same time!

2. thepreciousmommy

This passionate mommy blogger and her family are permanently based in Orlando, Florida but frequently enjoy time spent together traveling around the world, having adventures, and sharing the love. Also pretty passionate about homeschooling and her faith, this fun mamas Instagram feed is full of snaps of her two adorable little ones studying at the kitchen table, simply enjoying family time, and being super precocious.

3. wayfarerfamily

This beautiful family spends half of their time running a super successful photography business and the other half traveling around the world together. With their beautiful little daughter, these parents can often be found spending time by the pool somewhere tropical and green, enjoying their home state of Oregon, and showing the world just how much they love each other.

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