7 Tips On Traveling While Pregnant

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Traveling is busy and exhausting work, and even more so when you are growing a tiny human, too. Whether you are getting ready for a summer vacay with the family, or heading out somewhere exotic for a baby moon, I have rounded up some of my best tips to help making your pregnancy travel easier.


1. Hydration

This is especially important if you are going anywhere hot. Dehydration is not good when you’re expecting, so make sure to keep a bottle of water (or two) with you wherever you go. It’s also a good idea to keep some Propel packets or something similar stashed in your purse so you can add them to your water if you need a boost of nutrients and electrolytes while you are on the go.


2. Speak To Your Doctor

If you are traveling out of the country, make sure you get confirmation from your OB/GYN about the area you are traveling too. It’s important to note you may be at a higher risk for travel with a baby on the way depending on your destination. Make sure to give them all your information and locations so they can give you the appropriate medical advice and a list of pregnancy-safe medications, if you’ll need any. Speaking from personal experience, the peace of mind knowing I had all the right information before I left was enough to put my pregnancy travel anxieties at ease.


3. Pack Snacks

You never know how you may be feeling about certain foods while you are away, especially if your are in a new place. Pack all your favorite snacks from home so you will always have something to munch on if the dreaded nausea or food aversions decide to pay you a visit.


4. Plan For A Lot Of Potty Breaks

If you are flying anywhere, you will most likely be needing to visit the plane lavatory much more often then the average traveller. Make sure to reserve and aisle seat so you can get up as often as you like without disturbing the passenger next to you. This way you won’t feel like you’re stuck if the urge to go is happening more often than you’d like. If flying isn’t on the agenda, then make sure to plan a lot of potty breaks into your drive time. If you already have small kiddos, this will most likely be already factored in to your road trip time.


5. Allow Extra Time

Just know that everything may take longer and be much slower, especially with all the extra potty breaks you will be taking.  You want to keep your stress to a minimum, so make sure to allow for extra time and you will find you are able to enjoy yourself and be much more relaxed when you arrive at your final destination.


6. Pack Light

IF this is at all possible when traveling anywhere with children, try and pack as light as you can. If you are flying, check as much as your luggage as possible and limit yourself to only what you really need for the flight itself. If your kiddos are old enough, have them carry their own “big kid” backpack filled with snacks and activities so you are not weighed down with all the boogey wipes, sippy cups and everything else you will be packing to try and avoid public meltdowns.


7. Avoid First Trimester

While traveling during your first trimester cannot always be avoided, and if you are one of the lucky few who do not suffer from morning sickness, food aversions, fatigue or any other lovely first trimester pregnancy symptoms, then travel! While for the rest of us it might be best to wait until your second trimester before taking any expensive trips. There isn’t much worse than spending a ton of money of travel plans only to miss out because you can’t leave your hotel room. Unless of course it means room service for one and chick flicks in bed. ?

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Ellice Vargas

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