7 Important Tips For Traveling with Kids

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Traveling is one of the best gifts you can give to your kids. It’s a great way to explore the world, meet new people and learn about geography, religion, culture and art. However, kids can be quite demanding, so traveling with your little ones without proper preparation can quickly turn into a cry-fest. Here are all the best ways to make traveling with kids easy, fun and fuss-free.

Make it simple

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Solo or couple travelers usually make their vacations fast-paced, but when you’re traveling with kids, you have to slow it down. Make sure you set realistic goals about what you can see and do at your destination. Cramming too many things into your itinerary will just make everyone nervous, exhausted and disappointed. A good rule is to organize a trip that’s suitable for the youngest child—if they can handle it, everyone can. Also, don’t forget to include plenty of stops, potty breaks, naps and snack stops into your day.

Be flexible with dates

If your kids don’t go to school yet, always choose to travel off-season. This will provide you with huge savings on both accommodation and flights, but also ensure you have a fuss-free, quiet and private vacation. Even if you have school kids, see if they can miss a few days of classes in order to travel outside major school holidays. If this is your kids’ first vacation, it’s best to explore the destination when there are no huge crowds of yelling tourists around.

Consider taking your car

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Of course, if you travel overseas, you can’t really take your car, but if you’re hitting the next state or the neighboring country, you might want to consider having a road trip. This is not only a more immersive way to travel, but it’s also much more comfortable and flexible than a plane or a bus. You can make your own itinerary, stop wherever and whenever you like and enjoy a trip filled with privacy. Just be sure to grab good car insurance that will keep you covered in case of an accident, natural disaster and theft. And ensure you opt for a comprehensive insurance deal that also offers emergency roadside assistance—you never know what can happen on the road. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with your tired and hungry kids in the car is not a good experience, so be protected.

Consider renting an apartment

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Sure, hotels are luxurious, but most of them are not built from families with young kids. There’s not enough floor space for play, neighbors will be able to hear every tantrum and you will be left without a proper fridge and microwave. So, consider ditching hotels and opting for rental apartments instead. These will provide you with more space and you will have all the amenities at your disposal when you’re traveling with kids. Picking something with a washing machine is also a great idea, especially if you’re staying for more than a few days.

Pack smart

Remember that young kids can’t really help with luggage, so everything will be in your hands. For that reason, it’s better to travel light than to drag pounds and pounds of unnecessary things behind you. In order to reduce your luggage, roll clothing, wear your largest and heaviest clothes on the flight and minimize toys and electronics. It’s best to pack a lot of neutral, comfy and versatile clothing items you can combine and wear on many occasions. Also, allow your kids to choose a few clothing items to prevent meltdowns when getting dressed.

Bring a few comfort items

When your kids get tired, sad or bored, it’s a great idea to have their favorite toy, some familiar reading materials and good music at hand. These activity packs will be life-savers on a plane or in the car, so everyone can stay busy and relaxed.

Have a small surprise up your sleeve

Kids love a good surprise, so when you notice everyone is feeling a little tired and nostalgic for home, it’s time to spice things up.  “Forget” to mention a visit to the waterpark, theme park, Legoland or zoo, but you can also have a no-warning ice cream stop. Pick something your kids love and it will bring a smile on everyone’s face.

With these travel tricks, you will not only provide your kids with an unforgettable vacation but also teach them to love traveling. Soon, you’ll be a proper adventurous family!

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