7 Activities for Your Fam to Try in Boston This Summer

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Taking the family to Boston this summer? It turns out that Beantown has a host of kid-friendly activities that will be fun for their doting parents, too. So pack up your suitcases and head to the Northeast. Then try one of these seven fam-approved Bostonian things to do.

1. Splash in the Christian Science Plaza

Sprawling over 13.5 acres of land, the Christian Science Center in Boston draws many tourists for its stunning architecture and grounds. Families will love it because of its plaza filled with fountains. Pack the right sun-protective clothing, sunscreen and towels, then let the little ones run wild through the spouting water features that line the plaza.

2. Visit the New England Aquarium

The great thing about the New England Aquarium is that everyone in the family will love it, whether you’ve got toddlers, teens or both. And, let’s face it, visiting the aquarium can be pretty fun for grown-ups, too. For starters, the aquarium has a four-story coral reef tank at its center, wherein you and your brood can observe the colorful undersea foliage as well as the animals that inhabit it. Then you can check out the touch tank, where your kids can pick up starfish and other gentle creatures.

Along with all the fish, there are some furry friends to visit, too. Outside the aquarium, for instance, you’ll find bouncy seals and sea lions. In other words, this will be a full and fun day for the fam—buy your tickets online to ensure you can get in and get on with your tour.

3. Walk the Freedom Trail

Older kids and younger ones with an interest in history will love to traverse the Freedom Trail with you. As you know, Boston has a lengthy history, especially in the fight for American independence from England. As such, there are plenty of sights to see, many of which you’ll find along the red-brick-lined Freedom Trail. The 2.5-mile trek includes stops at Boston Common, the nation’s oldest park, the Massachusetts State House, and the city’s oldest building, the Old State House. Make sure you bring plenty of water, comfy shoes, sunscreen and kids who will be jazzed to see such important parts of the country’s history.

4. Play on Boston Common

Even if your child can’t handle the entire Freedom Trail walk, they can still visit Boston Common. You’ll be glad to take them there, too, as a run through the park will surely burn off a bit of their extra energy.

The 50-acre park has plenty of kid-friendly elements, which is why it often makes the list of best places to visit with a toddler. For starters, there’s an eye-catching, 22-foot fountain that your child will love to see. Plus, there is a frog pond and playground, as well as a pay-per-ride carousel that will definitely delight your little one. And, of course, there are sprawling stretches of grass where they can run and play amid a little piece of history — the Common is, of course, the country’s oldest public park.

7. Cheer for the Sox at Fenway Park

Take them out to the ball game! Boston’s historical baseball field is the perfect place to bring your family for a night of fun and excitement. Not only does the famous park have plenty of atmosphere, but attending a baseball game makes it easy for you to keep the kids happy, contained, and content. You can grab stadium food, sit down and root for the home team, and the kids will love every minute of it.

6. Set Sail on a Whale Watching Tour

Perhaps your little ones loved the aquarium and want to see more marine wildlife. If so, a whale-watching tour might be the perfect activity to add to your summer itinerary. Tours will take you to local harbors, bays, and marine sanctuaries where marine mammals frolic. You might see dolphins and sea birds, as well as a variety of different whale species—humpback, pilot, and even endangered right whales have appeared during such treks. Plus, some tour groups have knowledgeable naturalists on board to explain everything you see, making it an incredible learning experience for you and your kids.

5. Explore the Boston Children’s Museum

Checking out a children’s museum is always a safe bet, but in Boston, you’re in for something spectacular. This one stands as one of the world’s oldest establishments of its kind, even inventing the concept of hands-on exhibits to enhance children’s engagement and learning. Plus, there’s a giant climbing structure inside, where kids can scale three stories and check out great views of the city. Plus, the museum puts on a slew of events and activities that will further entertain and delight your little ones — they can watch performances, make crafts, and more. If you’re attending with a big group, consider visiting on Friday when it’s only $1 to get in.

Visit Boston

It can be tough to travel with little ones in tow. However, a family trip to Boston affords all of you the chance to enjoy attractions both entertaining and informative. So, pack your bags, plan your trip and get going—this family-friendly city is waiting to show you a great time.

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