6 Travel Beds For Toddlers & Kids

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My husband and I have always loved traveling, but now that we have a 3-year old, spending nights away from home aren’t as fun as they used to be. Our daughter is a trooper, but when it comes to bedtime, she is like most adults: she prefers her own bed, in her own room. Sleep is vital when you’re traveling, especially for young kids who get off schedule and are unfamiliar with their surroundings. It’s also something we haven’t quite managed in our family, which has made for some exhausting (instead of relaxing) vacations with a sleep-deprived toddler who can’t go to sleep in a strange bed in a 1-bedroom hotel room. I’m desperately looking for a way to make my daughter comfortable and most importantly get some great sleep, especially with three trips planned this year. I’ve found some great travel beds and I think you’ll love them too!



1. Shrunks Travel Toddler Bed

If you don’t want to add a huge extra piece of luggage to your travels, this inflatable toddler bed may be just what you need. Measuring at roughly 5×3 feet, this portable bed comes with a carrying bag and super fast pump that will inflate in 30 seconds. It is compatible with standard crib sheets, and even has a tuck feature to securely hold your sheets in place. And oh yeah, the most important thing: it has “rails” that will help prevent your mobile child from ending up on the floor and under your bed (something I really needed on our last trip to Palm Springs!).


Source: Amazon

2. KidCo Peadpod Plus

If you spend a lot of time camping, this is a great travel bed. It’s just as functional if you hotel sleep, but the mesh construction of this bed makes it perfect for keeping out creepy crawlies if you are tent campers too. This bag is fully assembled, comes with a sleeping pad for the bottom and collapses into a compact 3.5lb portable bed. It can be used for infants all the way through toddlers!


Source: Amazon

3. Regalo My Cot Deluxe

If you’re looking more for a cot style bed for kids who have mastered sleeping in a big kid bed, the Regalo My Cot is a super affordable option. It comes with a detachable sleeping bag and pillow, but can also fit a crib sheet. It’s lightweight and folds small enough to fit into a suitcase so you can take anywhere!


Source: Amazon

4. Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed

This is more than your average travel bed- it’s a bed, lounge and play area all in one. It’s made of soft foam and cushioned sides that don’t require inflation. It folds up into it’s own carrying case and is super lightweight. This is not a cheap travel bed, but if your family are frequent trip takers, this may be worth every penny.



5. Intex Kidz Travel Bed

Maybe your child needs a little more protection (i.e. rails on every which way) to keep from rolling or escaping. This inexpensive travel bed is perfect! It has a removable mattress that is compatible with crib sheets and comes with its own hand pump and carrying bag. This is a wonderful affordable option.


Source: Amazon

6. Inflatable Bed Rails

If you absolutely cannot carry another piece of luggage, a great alternative is packing some inflatable bed rails to use on roll away or hotel beds. They come in packs of two and with a footpump for easy inflation. Stick them under the sheets and they’ll prevent roll-offs! I personally think these are best for older kids, not toddlers transitioning from a crib. Hotel beds are usually several feet off the ground and if you have an aggressive roller, I would be fearful of rolling right over the top and ending up on the floor!

Happy Traveling!

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