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50th anniversary Lily chair in walnut veneer by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen

VDF products fair: design brand Fritz Hansen has created a walnut version of the classic Lily chair by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen to celebrate the product’s 50th anniversary.

The anniversary edition comes with a seat and armrest finished in walnut veneer and classic chromed legs.

The armless version of the chair, originally designed for the Danish National Bank in Copenhagen, was first premiered in 1968, with the version with arms introduced in 1970.

“The Lily was Arne Jacobsen’s last chair design and perhaps his most elaborate,” said Fritz Hansen’s head of design Christian Andresen. “It resembles a lily flower with open petals. Jacobsen’s lifelong interest in botany and painting can be seen very clearly in this design.”

Originally known as the 8 series, the chair’s seat and armrests are made of curved laminated veneer. Until now the chair has not been manufactured with a natural veneer finish due to the complexity of forming the intricately curved armrests without cracking the veneer.

However, Fritz Hansen has now perfected a technique for covering both the armrests and the seat in walnut veneer. Every chair has a special 50th-anniversary tag on the underside of the seat.

Product: Lily Chair
Brand: Fritz Hansen
Designer: Arne Jacobsen
Contact address: info@fritzhansen.com

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