19 fun facts about Gerhard Steidl

14. Gerhard has worked with approximately 647 creatives – that’s mostly photographers and writers.

15. Steidl only chooses to publish books he thinks he’ll learn from and discover something new – ‘I am the master student and the photographer is the professor’ – the final results are offerings of some of the most interesting folios for us to enjoy.

16. Even when faced with a pandemic Gerhard Steidl won’t stop creating photobooks. In the last three months the Göttingen printing press hasn’t stop running. Working carefully and safely, the Steidl team produced an incredible 29 books during lock-down – including three multivolume sets in slipcases.

17. When Gerhard travels to other cities, he only stays one day. In Germany we have a saying: ‘The horse wants to sleep in its own stable,’ he said, in an article in the WSJ Magazine.

18. David Bailey describes the photobook maker and publisher as ‘An enigma really, he could have been born yesterday, or a 1000 years ago, I don’t know.’ Bailey has produced 15 books with Steidl.

19. It wasn’t until the late 1990s Steidl started to create photobooks, with his first being a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld.

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