12 Terrific Travel Activities For Kids

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Can we just be honest for a minute and say that traveling with kids can be super fun, or just plain awful? No matter how much you plan, there’s still always the possibility that something will go wrong. You may be planning for a simple weekend trip or a more lavish vacation (just in case you’re confused, check out this hilarious article over at HuffPo), but just as much preparation goes into packing and planning when you have children, no matter the trip. One of the hardest parts is just simply getting from your home to your destination, especially when it comes to keeping the kiddos entertained. We’ve gathered up some simple travel activities that will hopefully keep you and your family happy!

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1. The License Plate Game

This game has been around as long as their have been kids, cars and license plates. So pretty much forever!  Its as simple as handing all the kids a printout like the one above and checking off each license plate as they see them. You can slip them in some sheet protectors so you can use them again and again.

Head over to to download your own copy of this game as well as check out even more travel activity ideas.


2. Cookie Sheet Activities

You kids won’t be doing any baking in the back seat but they will be staying entertained, so long as they have a cookie sheet and some activities on their lap! You can find an inexpensive one at the dollar store, just make sure it’s magnetic. Then pick up some cheap magnets, paper dolls and other activities that are lap worthy and your kids will be shocked they’ve made it to grandmas house so quickly! We’ve got a great article right here on Life As Mama with 10 cookie sheet activities so check it out for some great ideas!



3. Let Your Kids Draw On Your Face

For some reason, it’s always a kick in the pants when you can doodle on someone’s face. As you quietly laugh to yourself, you’re also quite entertained. If you have older kids, you can create your own dry erase notebook, complete with dry erase markers and family photos tucked into sheet protectors. With just a little preparation, your kids will be entertained for hours as they doodle, wipe of and start over. has a full tutorial on making your own dry erase face binder. This is a great activity not only for traveling, but sick days!

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